Sandvik LH621

Sandvik LH621 Underground loader

Sandvik LH621 is a high-capacity, 21-metric-ton combination of underground loader and underground hauler designed to deliver class-leading safety and productivity. Three-pass loading with our Sandvik TH663i underground truck optimizes the ore-moving process.​


  • High-capacity to maximize the mine production
  • ROPS/FOPS-certified operator cabin improves safety
  • Sandvik Intelligent Control system offers fast and easy diagnostics
  • Low emission engine to ensure sustainable mining
  • Ground-level daily maintenance enables safer servicing
Technical data
Dimension (L-W-H) 12 x 3.5 x 3 m
Capacity 21 metric ton
Bucket range 8 - 10.7 m3
Weight (operating) 56,800 kg
Hydraulic breakout force - lift 38,500 kg
Hydraulic breakout force - tilt 35,100 kg
Engine power 352 kW
Speed (loaded) 33.9 km/h
Sandvik LH621 Minestories article

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BERNBURG, GERMANY. Salt production here dates back to the Middle Ages, when brine was evaporated from open pans. Today, esco – european salt company, relies on modern mining equipment to extract rock salt from an underground deposit formed 250 million years ago.

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