With its 10 tonne payload capacity, Toro™ LH410 from Sandvik offers best in class production performance and superior lift height for easy truck loading.

Best in class production performance

The Toro™ LH410 loader is designed to offer superior productivity. With smart boom geometry, high breakout forces and high lift, Toro™ LH410 provides fast bucket filling and shorter cycle times. The advanced powertrain technology includes a proven transmission with automatic gear shifting and torque converter lock up ensuring fast ramp speeds to quickly clear tunnel headings. Durable axles use limited slip differentials to maintain traction and spring applied hydraulic release brakes for safer braking.

Full range of engine options

The engine range of the Toro™ LH410 loader include multiple different diesel engines, starting from a powerful and fuel-efficient Tier II, and ending up to the state-of-the-art Stage V engine option. The Stage V engine uses passive DPF regeneration taking place during normal operation, minimizing downtime, and its modulating engine brake provides better control of vehicle speed downhill while also minimizing brake and transmission overheating and brake wear.

Smart solutions with AutoMine® and OptiMine® compatibility

Toro™ LH410 features multiple smart solutions such as Sandvik Intelligent Control System, My Sandvik Digital Services Knowledge Box™ on-board hardware and AutoMine® compatibility. The Integrated Weighing System (IWS) is optionally available for measuring payload in the bucket as well as number of buckets filled during a shift. With all its features, Toro™ LH410 is truly an advanced and intelligent loader, fully comparable with the large i-series loaders – but naturally in a smaller package.

Safety and ease of maintenance

The Toro™ LH410 loader is available with a robust ROPS and FOPS certified open canopy or closed cabin, both protecting the operator in case of rolling over or falling objects. The loader has been designed with smart placement of key service areas and safer service access. To minimize the need to move around the machine or use special tools, the 7” touch screen color display in the operator’s compartment provides service information, easy system diagnostics and alarm log files.

Toro™ LH410 is a matching pair with the Toro™ TH430 truck for three-pass loading.


  • High ramp speeds, fast bucket filling and high lift for best-in-class production performance
  • Wide range of engine options including state-of-the art Stage V engine technology
  • Sandvik Intelligent Control System enabling multiple digital solutions, including AutoMine® and OptiMine®
  • Maintenance friendly with smart placement of key service areas and service access
  • Low cost per tonne by extended component lifetimes and robust structure
Technical data
Dimension (L-W-H) 10.1 x 2.7 x 2.4 m
Capacity 10 metric ton
Bucket range 4.0 - 5.4 m3
Weight (operating) 28,500 kg

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