Toro™ lh307

Toro™ LH307 Underground loader features the best-in-class performance, thanks to advanced powertrain technology, smart boom geometry for fast bucket filling and a payload capacity of seven tonnes.

Safer. Stronger. Smarter.

To achieve shorter cycle times and superior productivity, the renewed and compact Toro™ LH307 underground loader provides some of the highest ramp speeds in its size class. The advanced powertrain technology features a proven transmission with new automatic gear shifting and an optional torque converter lock up ensuring fast ramp speeds to quickly clear tunnel headings.

The loader has a smart boom geometry that is optimized to provide top breakout forces for fast bucket filling and handling of oversized rocks. Powerful boom and bucket hydraulics enables the use of both lift and tilt functions simultaneously when penetrating to the muck pile, making one-pass bucket filling easy and contributing to high fill factors.

To serve customer and country specific needs in various markets, Sandvik offers two 160 kW engine alternatives: Stage III and Stage IV both from Volvo Penta. The standard Stage III A engine can operate on diesel fuels with up to 3000 ppm sulphur content whereas the optional Stage IV requires ultra-low sulphur diesel fuel. To reduce emissions and consumption of fossil fuel, both engines can also use paraffinic bio-diesel fuels meeting the requirements of the EN 15940.

Toro™ LH307 loader is available with a robust ROPS and FOPS certified open canopy or closed cabin, both protecting the operator in case of rolling over or falling objects. Both versions are designed with a focus on safety and ergonomics in mind. The 7” color display with advanced touch screen functionality has all the needed information and alarms in one large display, also providing the operator with easy access to equipment data.


  • Sandvik Intelligent Control System provides service information, system diagnostics and alarm log files on a 7” touch screen for easy access.
  • Ground-level daily maintenance enables safer servicing. For accessing the top of the unit, three point contact accessways from the cold side of the machine.
  • Many digitalization and smart technology features such as the production monitoring (IWS) option to accurately measure your payload, AutoMine® and OptiMine® automation and production system readiness.
  • Two engine options to serve customer-specific needs: Stage IIIA (standard) and state-of-the-art Stage IV (optional).

Technical Data

Dimension (L-W-H)

Capacity 7 metric tonnes
Bucket range 3-3.7 m3
Weight (operating) 19,307 kg
Hydraulic breakout force (lift) 14,015 kg
Hydraulic breakout force (tilt) 11,690 kg
Engine power 160 kW
Speed (loaded) 21.1 km/h

Sandvik LH307 - an example of the Sandvik Reborn concept