Digital trainer - LH

The Digital Trainer – LH is a training simulator for Toro™ family large loaders LH517i and LH621i.

Our loader simulator, the Digital Trainer – LH, is an efficient and flexible tool for operator training, improving overall training efficiency. Individually tailored training sessions benefit the operators, help to avoid unnecessary equipment damage and teach how to utilize the equipment in the most efficient way. While the loader itself is not needed as a training tool, the simulator also increases the actual equipment utilization and availability for productive operation.

Skills and confidence

One of the main benefits of simulator training is that practicing can be started well before the actual equipment arrives on site. By the time the loader is ready for mucking, the operator has already had an opportunity to get familiar with the new Toro™ family loader.

The training exercises are divided in different levels and the training program can be tailor to serve the exact needs. As the trainee advances, the trainer can feed unexpected situations to the simulator. Practicing timely and correct response to fault and alarm messages help the operator to take quick and correct action in real life, decreasing potential damage and risk for production loss.

Increased productivity

The Digital Trainer – LH offers a tool which increases the equipment utilization, as the loader itself is not needed while the trainee is practicing with the simulator. Further, a skilled operator knows how to utilize the equipment the most efficient way without compromising safety or the equipment itself. As all the functions are used as intended, the possibilities for disturbances and losses are minimized.

Operator comfort with authentic controls

To ensure premium ergonomics and comfort, the Digital Trainer – LH features same controls and elements as the ones in the Toro™️ LH517i and Toro™️ LH621i loaders. The operator compartment is mounted on a motion base platform, resulting in an authentic feel of driving a loader. A sound bar simulates the engine sound and other equipment central functions and to simulate the mine environment, the Digital Trainer – LH is equipped with HD displays providing a 3D view of the working area.


  • Increased profitability: Thorough training helps to avoid component breakdowns and unnecessary stresses, reducing overall maintenance cost and increasing profitability
  • Higher loader utilization: The loader itself can be used for productive work while the operator is being trained with the simulator
  • Improved productivity: Skilled and confident operator knows how to best utilize the equipment the most efficient way, improving productivity
  • Safety and operator comfort: Pre-training with the simulator improves safety as the operator gets familiar with the equipment functionalities, supervised, in a class-room environment, prior to entering the underground production area
Key specifications
User interface 7” color display with touch screen functionality
Main displays 3x32” full HD display
Simulation computer Windows 10 PC with powerful 3D graphic board
Product model LH517i and LH621i
SimTrainer software language English
Control system display language Control system available in 17 different languages