Underground loaders

Sandvik LH517i Underground LHD

Sandvik offers a wide range of loaders for hard rock mining applications. The underground loader offering includes latest technology with intelligence, connectivity and digital solutions, as well as robust, strong and capable loaders for demanding conditions. All Sandvik underground loaders are designed to improve safety, productivity and profitability.

Sandvik LH621i Loader

Toro™ LH621i is an intelligent and efficient 21 tonne underground loader, belonging to Sandvik Toro™ family.

Sandvik LH517i advanced underground LHD

Toro™ LH517i is an intelligent and efficient 17 tonne underground loader, belonging to Sandvik Toro™ family.

Sandvik LH514 Underground loader

Sandvik LH514 is a compact automation-ready underground loader that has earned a reputation as a preferred loader in the industry. This combination of underground loader and underground hauler offers a 14-metric-ton capacity and excellent operator ergonomics as well as uninterrupted high productivity with low cost per loaded tonne.

Sandvik LH410 advanced underground loader

Sandvik LH410 is a flexible loader with a 10-metric-ton tramming capacity. We redesigned its front frame to enable increased dump heights and break-out force. This high-power combination offers uninterrupted high productivity at a low cost per loaded tonne.

Sandvik LH400t robust underground loader

​​Sandvik LH400T is a mining loader engineered for robustness and reliability in even the toughest underground mining conditions. LHD capacity is 10 tonnes. Sandvik LH400T robust loader is also easy to operate and maintain.

Sandvik LH307 Narrow vein LHD

​​​​​Sandvik LH307 is an underground LHD that features a tramming capacity of 6.7 metric tons and our latest LHD technology to provide maximum performance in the toughest underground applications.

Sandvik LH203 underground loader

Sandvik LH203 is a compact and lightweight narrow-vein loader designed for underground mining. It features a tramming capacity of 3.5 metric tons and a best-in-class payload-to-own-weight ratio.

Sandvik LH202 is a new compact and lightweight 3-metric-ton-capacity Load Haul Dump (LHD) for narrow vein mining. Best payload to own weight ratio in its class. It offers both reduced dilution, better flexibility and operator safety when working in narrow vein operations.

Glass labyrinth 38 tonne automated loader

After 20 years of self-driving in underground mines, we put our autonomous loader to the ultimate test — navigating a glass labyrinth with no driver. Will things come crashing down?

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