Digital driller™

Digital driller™ is a compact and flexible solution to safely train operators or maintenance teams on our DD422i-iE, DS412i-iE, DS422i, DL421, DL432i, DT923i and DT922i drills.

Thanks to its compact and small size, its transportation case equipped with wheels, the simulator can easily be carried by a single person to the customer site.

Training sessions can be conducted for multiple participants in a safe environment, keeping everyone away from any injury risks or material damages.

Operators learn with a realistic simulator optimizing the transition to the real machine. It acts like a real rig, operates with authentic controls combined with the same control system software as the one installed on the machines.

Learn Anywhere

100% flexibility to run the training where needed. Logistics is optimized as:

  • The simulator can be carried out very easily with a transportation case equipped with wheels. The total weight including all accessories is around 50 kgs.
  • The set-up time for the training room installation is very short

Increased efficiency

100% performance from Day one:

  • The team training can start before commissioning, even before the rig arrives on site ensuring optimal operation performances from the 1st day.
  • Tailor made training sessions can be built to fit with the audience level using a wide range of exercises, various mine conditions and situations.
  • The trainee performance evaluation report is a solid foundation to ensure the operator can get the full advantage of the rig features.

Improved EHS

100% peace of mind:

  • Operators are taking their 1st steps with the rig in a safe environment and exercises can be repeated until the appropriate level of knowledge is reached.
  • There is no risk of equipment damage, no rock tools or fuel consumed when training the team.
  • Regular operators retraining, and assessment process can be secured and optimized using the training simulator without impacting the mine productivity.