DT923i Tunneling jumbo

Sandvik DT923i is a fully automated i-serie tunneling jumbo with two electro-hydraulic booms providing top-level performance, accuracy and reliability. Equipped with new SB110i booms, it gives 62% bigger side coverage and good support for high power drilling.

With its wide range of automatic drilling functions, this rig achieves maximized performance and precision in drilling.

Sandvik DT923i provides features for fully-automated face drilling, boom control systems and comprehensive tools for drill planning, reporting and analyses.


  • Fully-automated i-series tunneling jumbo – able to drill full face automatically
  • Data transfer features saves time and make operation more efficient
  • High power RD535 drifter, gives up to 20% more productivity
  • Collision avoidance system (option) for safer; efficient operations
  • Fast automatic rod handling: up to 33 meters – gives more safety and productivity
  • Ergonomic and comfortable cabin with optimized filtration to minimize dust inside