AT - Pipe Umbrella Kit

Pipe umbrella systems are a pre-support measure used in weak ground conditions in conventional as well as mechanized Tunneling. It consists of pipes installed into the ground prior to excavation to create an umbrella/canopy.

The AT - Pipe Umbrella System developed by DSI Underground, a Sandvik Company, is available as an optional kit to be installed on selected underground drills.

This mechanized solution avoids manual connection / disconnection of pipes, it reduces significantly the direct exposure of workers to hazardous working

The squeezing unit, hydraulically driven, is mounted on a console installed on the drill feed of the jumbo. Pipe umbrella pipes are quickly and securely
connected to each other.


  • Safety improved as workers are away from the boom area during all
    installation steps
  • Faster connection process than for standard threads
  • Efficient self-drilling installation : the casing provides an immediate
    support compared to other systems requiring additional working steps
  • Robust system and high-strength pipe connection
  • Improved load bearing capacity
  • Elimination of delays due to jammed or damaged pipes
  • Lower weight of the single umbrella pipes: easier handling for workers
    loading the tubes and drill steel manually
  • Lower logistics costs: carbon footprint reduction