DL422iE Longhole drill rig

Sandvik DL422iE is a fully automated, battery-powered top hammer longhole drill designed for underground mass mining in 4 x 4 m or larger production drifts. It is capable of drilling vertical and inclined fans and single or parallel Ø89-127 mm longholes up to 54 m in depth using ST58 and ST68 tube rods.

Equipped with an electric driveline system including a battery package and electric motor for zero emissions while tramming for a safer working environment of the personnel underground.


  • Powerful battery tramming :no diesel emissions and reduced thermal load underground
  • Fully instrumented ZR35 telescopic boom : accurate positioning and stability in drilling
  • Powerful HF1560ST rock drill: up to 10% increase in the net penetration rate
  • Automated drilling through shift changes: up to 20% higher equipment utilization
  • Automated rod handling : shorter drilling cycle times
  • Intelligent drilling control system : adaptive drilling for improved results