DB120 Secondary breaking drill rig

Sandvik DB120 is a completely self-contained secondary breaking unit for splitting oversized boulders. Thanks to its compact size and agile carrier, this drill rig is an excellent choice when space is an issue. Drill-split operations can be controlled from a safe distance using a radio remote control panel. A major benefit of this breaking method is a vibration-free working environment with low dust levels, since explosives are not needed.


  • Radio remote control for a safer working environment
  • Explosive-free system eliminates vibrations, improves safety and decreases dust emissions
  • Continuous process results in better productivity
  • Compact size helps to avoid damage to support or infrastructure
Sandvik DB120
Technical data
Breaking method Drill-split
Self-contained carrier, diesel power CAT C4.4, 61 kW, Tier 3, Stage IIIIA
Rock position Block on ground
Hole length 800 - 1200 mm
Hole diameter 48 mm
Weight 5,600 kg
Depending on options
Boom DB300 special, articulated