DS422i Cable bolter

Sandvik DS422i is a rock support drill specialized for cement grouted cable-bolt installation in underground mines and tunnels.

The bolter can install up to 25-meter-long cable bolts with several steel strands per hole.Sandvik DS422i is provided with an on board automatic cement mixer and cement silo. It is designed for safety, the bolting operation is performed by a single operator located away from the drilling, grouting and cable installing module. One hole automation and automatic cement mixing process enure high bolting quality.


  • Increased productivity with higher penetration rate
  • Improved drilling precision through better process control & automation-: several automatic functions depending on automation level (Silver or Gold).
  • Higher level of safety:
    • No manual cement bag handling
    • New ergonomic cabin-better visibility
    • Most daily/routine checks done from the ground level
  • Spare part commonality with the 400 equipment range: common platform, and modular designed