DS311 Rock support drill rig

Sandvik DS311 is a highly versatile and compact electro-hydraulic rock bolter designed for rock reinforcement in underground mines with small and medium cross sections.

It offers a superior ratio of rock bolt length to drift height and can be safely operated by a single person. Engineered with modern, simple and reliable technologies, it ensures maximum safety and consistency of the bolting process.

This rock bolter is available in 3 different versions:

  • DS311: This electro-hydraulic drill operates with diesel tramming and electric drilling
  • DS311D: This drill operates with diesel engine power making it, the ideal rig, for rehabilitation rock reinforcement in areas where electrical power is not available
  • DS311DE: This unit can drill from diesel and electric power, making it the ultimate versatile rock bolter which can be used for both rehabilitation rock reinforcement and rock reinforcement in production areas. ​


  • Efficient and durable rock bolt integrity thanks to the mechanization of the bolting process
  • The rig can install all commonly used rock bolt types and lengths from 1.5 to 3 meters (5 to 10 feet)
  • Water tank option enables the rock bolter to operate independently
  • FOPS/ROPS-certified cabin/canopy offers increased safety for operators
  • Compact carrier allows tramming into small tunnels
  • Troubleshooting, fault finding and maintenance made easy
  • Spare part commonality across product family
Technical data
Cornering 7700 mm
Inner 3180 mm, Outer 7700 mm (TUC10)
Engine power 93 kW
Hole diameter 33 - 41 mm
Operating dimension 12,025 x 3,305 x 3,100 mm
DS311 (TUC10)
Tramming dimensions 12,100 x 1,875 x 2,920 mm
Boom / Mast type B26 XLB
Carrier type Wheel mounted, frame steering
Control system Hydraulic controlled THC561
Engine type Deutz BF4M2012C, Diesel
Machine coverage 4.5 m x 4.5 m
Bolting module Mechanized bolting module TUC