DD212 Development drill rig

Sandvik DD212 is a robust, compact and versatile single-boom electro-hydraulic jumbo for tunneling and mining development, purposely designed for narrow vein operations enabling miners and drill contractors to:

  • Open smaller tunnel sections for better control of dilution
  • Improved quality of drilled face and tunnel profiles
  • Increase drill performance and meters advanced
  • Decrease total cost of ownership compare to peers

Sandvik SB20i instrumented boom offers a large shaped coverage thanks to the one meter boom extension. It covers tunnels cross sections from 6 m² to 25 m². Equipped with its two rotation actuators NV-narrow vein type and full automatic parallelism; easy, fast feed positioning and accurate face drilling is ensured, leading to up to 15% gain in drilling time.


  • New SB20i instrumented boom with feed auto parallelism bring up to 3% improved pull out ratio per round
  • New drilling control system (THC562) with torque control and reaming hole selector increase drilling performance and reduces the wear on both rock drill and rock tools for an extended lifetime
  • Compact drill module allowing mines to open smaller tunnel sections: reduced overbreak/dilution/hauling costs
  • Versatile drill can be used for face drilling- bolting and cross cutting