Low profile drill rigs

Sandvik low profile drill rigs offer improved safety and productivity, as well as minimized ore dilution. They are an ideal choice for work in tabular ore bodies, such as platinum and chrome mines. These drill rigs are designed for development, rock support and production drilling in sections as low as 1.7 meters (5.6 feet) with optimum drilling coverage and performance.

Mechanized low-profile mining has been used for a number of years with great success on various mining sites, clearly increasing safety and productivity in the mines. For these operations, Sandvik underground drill rigs offer a range of productive, low-profile drill rigs, including single-boom and double-boom models for hole lengths of 1.2 to 18 meters.

Sandvik DS211-L Development Drill Rig

Sandvik DD211L is a single-boom, electro-hydraulic development drill engineered for excavations with headroom as low as 1.7 meters (5.6 feet). This low-profile mining drill rig has a robust universal boom with large, optimum-shaped coverage, 360-degree rotation and full automatic parallelism for fast and easy face drilling and cross cutting.

Sandvik DS211-LV Development Drill Rig

Sandvik DD211L-V is a single-boom, low-profile drill rig engineered for excavations with headroom as low as 2 meters (6.6 feet). The carrier, multi-purpose boom and telescopic feed give this high-performance rig a versatility never seen before in this type of jumbo.

Sandvik DS211-LM Development Drill Rig

Sandvik DS211L-M is an electro-hydraulic, low-profile bolting machine engineered for rock reinforcement in excavations with headroom as low as 1.85 meters (6 feet). This fully mechanized drill rig can be handled by a single operator. The dedicated drilling system ensures maximum drilling performance, good drill steel economy as well as optimal reliability.

Sandvik DS211L-V rock support drill rig

Sandvik DS211L-V is a single-boom, electro-hydraulic, low-profile drilling machine designed to drill bolt holes and long holes in excavations with headroom as low as 1.7 meters (5.6 feet). This high-performance machine has been engineered to drill and install short rigid bolts up to 2.2 meters (7.2 feet) long in a semi-mechanized way, or drill long holes of up to 10 meters (33 feet) in any direction.

Sandvik DS221L is the first low-profile cable bolter with one-hole automation. It is a rock reinforcement drill rig specialized for pretensioned cable bolt installation, providing immediate rock support.

Sandvik Underground Drill Rigs – Improve Productivity with Sandvik underground drilling Solutions

We know just how important using the right equipment for your underground mining operation is, not only for your profitability, but also for safety. Every design within the Sandvik underground drilling range serves a unique purpose that focuses on increasing productivity and maximising results, all whilst providing the safety assurances your workers need. Our range of low profile drill rigs provides exactly this, enabling miners to extract ores with minimum dilution, ensuring the highest efficiency and lowest operating cost that you come to expect from Sandvik.

With safety and automation enhancements throughout our underground drill rigs, every aspect has been carefully designed and considered, such as the latest development of the Collision Management System (PDS interface Level9) that includes machine speed control and anti-runaway.

Sandvik DD211L is an example of a powerful four-wheel-drive carrier that puts safety and ease of manoeuvring at the top of its design, while delivering high drill productivity with its best in class rockdrill Sandvik RDX5. Whilst the DS211L-M features fully mechanised rock support capabilities in very challenging confined spaces, low headroom, this bolter can be operated by a single operator and from the safe location such as under the Safety FOPS and ROPS Canopy structure.

We implement industry-leading automation and data monitoring within all Sandvik underground drill rigs, improving operational performance that is not only reliable but consistent. As part of our ongoing support, we provide a global parts and services network for Sandvik underground drilling so that when you need replacement parts or maintenance, your downtime will be kept to a minimum. We know how much of an impact downtime will have on your profitability, that’s why 24/7 you can contact the team at Sandvik to get you back on track. Get in touch with the team today to explore more on Sandvik underground drill rigs and our low profile drill rig solutions.