Reaming equipment

The versatility of ITH drilling allows the use of the equipment in slot raising. The V-30 slot raising is a method similar to raise boring and the method uses two ITH hammers mounted on a rigid reaming head body.

Sandvik is the exclusive distributor for the V-30 head; manufactured by MRI, the V–30 head can be used on Sandvik tracked and articulated ITH drills.

In V-30 configuration the drill feed is engineered to handle the feed and rotation loads generated during reaming.

Slot raising with the V-30 method is carried out in three stages:

  • A pilot hole Ø165 mm drilled and reamed to Ø254 mm with 6” ITH hammer
  • The reamed hole is again reamed to Ø762 mm raise with the V-30 head

Up to 34 m³/min (24 bar) air supply is required, utilizing mine air (6–7 bar) and portable or onboard booster.

Pipe handling is mechanized, utilizing pipe handler operated from the drill control interface or the standard and automated carousel on the DU412i.


  • Lower risk of failure compared to drilled and blasted slot raises
  • Capacity to develop blind slots (reaming up) without the requirement for an upper level
  • Equipment mobilization without special installations such as required in other methods
  • Speed by which the primary slots can be developed in comparison to other methods
  • Ability to use the same ITH longhole drill for production drilling and service holes
  • Ease of use and operator training being relatively simple