DA101 Pipe handlers

Sandvik DA101 pipe handler is skid mounted and powered by the ITH drill through umbilical hose and designed for forklift transportation.

It is equipped with removable pipe cassette, telescopic boom, manipulator arm with rotary actuators and a control system, for loading and unloading Ø79–152 mm (3⅛-6") pipes 1220–1830 mm (4–6') in length, in drilling holes up to 150 m in length.


  • Improved safety and minimized operator fatigue with mechanized pipe handling
  • Improved productivity through control on the drill with a portable remote panel
  • Less time spent in handling the drill pipes, increased drilling capacity and productivity
  • Allows mechanized operation in small drifts where the use of large drill units is restricted
  • Loading of pipes directly on the pipe arm of the drill with correct placement in the drift