KS-series Boosters

Sandvik KS-series electrically powered screw boosters are designed for supplying air for 3” to 8” ITH hammers and V-30 reaming heads at wide altitude range.

They compress 6 to 7 bar air from the mine supply infrastructure to 24 bar, and the typical use is to deliver air directly to an ITH drill.

Sandvik screw type KS921, KS1121 and KS1501 boosters are used in producing the required volume and pressure from low pressure inlet. Portable boosters allow the delivery of air in different locations in the mine.


  • Robust frames, components are easy to access in service and maintenance
  • Designed with field proven components which ensure high reliability and low operating cost
  • High cooling capacity, easy to maintain, easy to repair and repairable in the field
  • Heavy-duty towing package for transport
  • Stabilized with hydraulic jacks during operation and service for maximum safety