KA-series Air compressors

Sandvik KA-series electrically powered air compressors are an alternative to expensive mine air supply infrastructure.

The KA-series single- and two-stage air compressors are designed for sup­plying air for 3” to 8” ITH hammers and V-30 boring heads at wide altitude range.

The KA-series compressors are built on a heavy duty mine chassis designed to be dragged, lifted or slung in any orientation. They are fully enclosed with hinged and remova­ble access panels, and the units are configured to meet the requirements in underground mining.

The electronic control system allows the drill operator to observe operational data and control the compressor from both an onboard user interface and the ITH drill control panel.

The single-stage compressors (KA411, KA611 and KA811) are compressing atmospheric air to 7 bar and the typical use is to feed air booster which in turn supplies and ITH drill.

The two-stage compressors (KA421, KA621 and KA821) are compressing atmospheric air to 24 bar, performing a function of a compressor and booster all-in-one; it supplies air directly to an ITH drill, without the need for a booster.


  • Completely emission-free air supply, reduction in the mine’s overall emissions and in ventilation costs , helping in creating a safer and healthier working environment
  • For heavy-duty use and configured to meet the most extreme requirements in underground mining including ambient temperature
  • Electronic control system allowing the drill operator to monitor the operational data and control of the air compressor with the onboard control panel or at the ITH drill user interface