Ranger™ DX900i surface top hammer drill rig

The new Ranger DX900i is the flagship model of our new Ranger DXi family. Featuring the most powerful rock drill in its class, Sandvik intelligence features and a counterweight, revolving superstructure enabling ultimate stability, Ranger DX900i characterizes our revolutionary generation of Ranger DXi top hammer surface drill rigs. With an ultimate drilling coverage of 290° (55 m2), it is the most powerful and efficient rig in its class.

More holes per set-up

All the Ranger DXi-series top hammer surface drill rigs feature a revolving superstructure. Thanks to its 290-degree reach enabling drilling coverage of 55 square meters, you'll save time and minimize the need to reposition your rig. Despite the rig's ability to rotate, its counterweight structure ensures stability by maintaining weight opposite the boom. Ranger DXi rigs are extremely mobile, thanks to a low center of gravity and high tramming power.

Other models within this series of drill rigs include the Ranger DX800i.


  • 290 degrees revolving upper structure with 55 m2 drilling coverage area
  • new rock drill family with 21-27 kW
  • Sandvik GT 60 tools enable higher productivity with straighter 92-127mm holes
  • beat difficult rock with well-known iTorque control system
  • new iCab cabin with extremely low noise level 73,5 dB
Technical data
Recommended hole diameter 89 - 140 mm* (3 - 5.5 in.)
Drill rod / tube diameter 51 and 60 mm (2 and 2 ⅜ in.)
Hydraulic rock drill RD927L / 27 kW

Volvo TAD852VE 210 kW (286 hp) / 1 800 rpm (Tier3)
Volvo TAD872VE 210 kW (286 hp) / 1 800 rpm (Tier 4)
Volvo TAD882VE (210 kW (286hp) / 1 800 rpm (Stage V)

Flushing air capacity 9.5 m³/min, up to 10 bar
Operator cabin iCab
Certificate ROPS and FOPS
Transport Length 12.4 m (40.7 ft)
Transport Width 2.45 m (8 ft)
Transport Height 3.3 m (10.8 ft)
Weight 19,600 kg (43,210 lb)

* if larger than 127 mm holes drilled, consult factory

Ranger DXi drill rig

Thanks to their revolving counterweight superstructure, the new Ranger™ DXi series surface drill rigs feature a superior drilling coverage of 55 square meters. Compared to other drill rigs in the class, they enable up to 60 minutes more drilling per shift* - thus significantly reducing your production costs.