Ranger™ DX500 Surface top hammer drill rig

Ranger DX500 Surface tophammer drill rig

Ranger™ DX500 is a hydraulic, self-propelled, self-contained and crawler-based surface rig with an ergonomic, high-visibility cabin and a rod handling system.

Ranger™ DX500 has a revolving superstructure providing the power, precision and versatility required for construction, quarrying, or surface mining operations.

The equipment has been designed to prioritize operator safety, with a ROPS and FOPS certified cabin, as well as maintaing stability even in the toughest conditions. Ranger™ DX500 also features a number of measures to ensure maintenence downtime is kept to a minimum, and when it is required, it's easier to carry out.

Other models within this series of drill rigs include the Ranger™ DX800, Ranger™ DX700 and Ranger™ DX600.


  • Excellent stability even on uneven terrain
  • Drilling coverage of 17.6 m² (optionally 26.4 m²) 12 hours continuous drilling
  • Rock Pilot+ drilling control system allows for greater accuracy
  • High suction capacity dust collectors keep equipment cleaner, meaning less downtime for maintenance
  • Advanced boom design enables higher productivity
  • ROPS- and FOPS-certified safety cabin
Technical data
Recommended hole diameter 51 - 89 mm (2 – 3½ in.)
Drill rod / tube diameter 32, 38 or 45 mm (1¼, 1½ or 1¾ in.)
Hydraulic rock drill HL510, 15.5 kW (21 hp)
Engine Caterpillar C7.1, 168 kW (225 hp) / 1 800 rpm (Tier 3 / Tier4F)
Flushing air capacity 6.2 m³/min, up to 10 bar
Operator cabin Ergo cool
Certificate ROPS and FOPS
Transport Length 7.2 m / 10.7 m (24 / 33 ft)
Transport Width 2.5 m (8 ft)
Transport Height 3.6 m / 3.2 m (12 / 11 ft)
Weight 15,200 kg / 33,510 lb