Trimmer DQ440R/ZR dimensional stone drill rig

Sandvik DQ440 Dimensional stone drill rig

Trimmer DQ440 and Trimmer DQ440ZR are hydraulic, excavator mounted splitting and trimming units for dimensional stone quarries.


  • Equipped with four rock drills for extreme productivity and high utilization
  • Stiff drilling frame ensures parallelism of drilled holes
  • Full drilling automation with three modes for even hole spacing and high drilling performance gives invicible block quality
  • Radio remote control and advanced drilling automation ensure operators' working ergonomy
Technical data
Frame length 4,600 mm (15.09 ft)
3,500 mm (11.48 ft)
Drilling length 4,200 mm (13.78 ft)
3,100 mm (10.17 ft)
Chain feed 4 x CF 100 x 24
Feed length 3,670 mm (12.04 ft)
Rock drill travel 2,670 mm (8.76 ft)
Hydraulic rock drill 4 x RD106, 5.5 kW
Flushing air capacity 5.5 m³/min
Drill rod diameters 19 or 22 mm (3.4 or 7/8 in.)
Control system 4 x TA341E, radio remote
Height with excavator 3.5 m (11.5 ft)
Weight (without options) 4,000 kg (8,818 lbs)