Trimmer DQ240R dimensional stone drill rig

Sandvik DQ240 Dimensional stone drill rig

Trimmer DQ240R is a hydraulic, excavator mounted line drilling, splitting and squaring unit for dimensional stone quarries.


  • Long feeds enable to drill deep holes and give excellent drill meters per shift
  • Robust and proven frame design ensures parallelism of drilled holes
  • Full drilling automation for even hole spacing and high drilling performance
  • Radio remote control and advanced drilling automation ensure operators' working ergonomy
Technical data
Frame length 3,560 mm (11.68 ft)
Drilling length 3,150 mm (10.33 ft)
Chain feed

2 x CF100 x 24 (std.)

2 x CF100 x 32 (optional)

2 x CF100 x 40 (optional)

Feed length 3,670 mm (12.04 ft)
Rock drill travel 2,670 mm (8.76 ft)
Hydraulic rock drill 2 x RD106, 5.5 kW
Flushing air capacity 3.5 m³/min
Drill rod diameters 19 or 22 mm (3/4 or 7/8 in)
Control system 2 x TA341E, radio remote
Weight (without options) 2,400 kg (5,291 lbs)