Stationary hybrid crushers

Sandvik CR810 Roll crusher

Sandvik roll crushers are for primary, secondary and tertiary crushing. Processes like this require tough and durable machinery, and we provide advanced stationary roll crushers that can handle a range of materials. Within this range there are also sizers and hammer mills, ensuring you can choose the equipment that suits your specific needs.


Sandvik hybrid crushers combine the advantages of different roll crusher systems, and are an ideal solution for primary, secondary and tertiary crushing applications. They have specially designed teeth, hydraulic gap adjustment, overload protection, and a scraper system perfect for dealing with sticky materials. These machines can work at capacities of up to 12,000 metric tons per hour, enabling you to keep productivity high whilst producing high-quality output.


Sandvik sizers have a proven record of reliability and consistency in meeting the crushing requirements of coal and soft ores up to a hardness of 150 MPa. Best suited to primary, secondary and tertiary crushing applications, these sizers have changeable segments and teeth that increase the lifetime of wear parts and reduce maintenance requirements. This helps you maximise uptime, and ensures consistent productivity.

Hammer mills

Sandvik hammer mills are ideal for crushing soft minerals, predominantly for applications in power stations and the steel industry, although they are versatile enough to handle a number of different tasks. The high rotor speed of 50–60 meters per second ensures a throughput capacity of up to 2,500 metric tons per hour, and can achieve a reduction ratio of up to 1:25. It also offers options to enable operation in a range of environments.

Stationary roll crushers

Sandvik roll crushers operate with a high level of productivity, and a low cost per ton.

The feed material is crushed by counter-rotating rolls (CR610 centre sizer) or between the rolls and the crushing plates by outwards rotating rolls (CR620 side sizer). Years in the field combined with extensive research means that Sandvik can give you the right equipment to suit your specific needs.

ModelRoll diameter
mm (in)
Roll length
mm (in)
Max. feed size
mm (in)
CR610 800 - 1,400 (31.5-55.1) 1,540 - 3,040 (61.0 - 120.0) 600 (24.0)
CR620 700 - 900 (27.6 - 35.4) 1,520 - 4,020 (60.0 - 158.0) 300 (3.9)
CR810 780 - 1,600 (30.7 - 62.9) 1,030 - 3,040 (40.5 - 119.7) 1,200 (47.0)

Stationary hammer mills

Sandvik stationary hammer mills combine long wear life with high reduction rates, allowing your equipment to produce at optimum levels for longer periods.

Hammer mills work when the feed material is grasped by the flexible beater heads, before being thrown against the grinding wall and crushed gradually. These mills have grinding walls on each side, and with the possibility of reversible rotor direction you can achieve optimal usage of the beater heads.

Wear parts are easily replaced due to the hydraulic opening device, minimizing equipment downtime. Our hammer mills can be supplied with a v-belt drive or with a direct drive to suit your needs.

ModelRoll diameter mm (in)Roll length mm (in)Max. feed size mm (in)
CM420 1,000 - 1,600 (39.4 - 63.0) 1,000 - 3,400 (31.50 - 141.73) 100 (3.9)

Stationary roll crushers

The inclined lateral parts of our stationary roll crushers, with integrated crushing combs, allow a product feed of large lumps. You can also attain size reduction by shearing stress and pressure, generated by high torque at the crushing roll. There's no need to worry about wet and sticky materials either, as our hybrid roll crushers are designed to handle these without any issues. This makes them a great choice for primary and secondary crushing of soft and medium-hard materials. They are extremely versatile, and are fit for a wide range of applications.

Sandvik CR610 is a highly efficient center sizer, with large teeth space and adjustable crushing rolls gap. Alternatively there is Sandvik CR620, which is equipped with durable and wear-resistant teeth, on both the crushing rolls and on the crushing combs. Both machines are strong and have a long lifecycle, backed by our global service centers to allow you to keep your products in prime condition.

Stationary hammer mills with long wear life

Sandvik CM420 series of hammer mills have been designed to tackle coal and soft mineral crushing applications. Long wear life comes as standard with grinding walls arranged on both sides of the crusher allowing for the rotor to be reversed for optimal usage of the beater heads and longer service life.

Sandvik solutions

Sandvik has developed technology based on years of experience, research and customer feedback to ensure that you have everything you need when it comes to stationary hammer mills. If you would like to know more about these tools, or any of the other equipment from Sandvik, then please don't hesitate to contact a member of our team today.

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