Stationary jaw crushers

Sandvik CJ615 Jaw crusher

Sandvik jaw crushers are of the single-toggle type with advanced features for optimized performance, easy maintenance, long life and a low cost per ton. These crushers feature a deep, symmetrical crushing chamber, easy settings adjustment, a large feed opening for its size, and an ideal nip angle that offers smooth material flow and high reduction efficiency. We have been designing jaw crushers in close cooperation with our customers for many years, and we know exactly what you need in order to boost your productivity.

Sites of all kinds come with their own unique challenges, so it is important to choose jaw crushers that match your needs. From years of experience, research, and customer feedback, Sandvik has manufactured a range of equipment to suit you, whatever the application.

For increased flexibility our jaw crusher series has models that are also suited to mobile applications, with increased strength and lower weights, such as the Sandvik QJ341 and Sandvik QJ241 mobile jaw crushers.

Getting the right end product is vital, and our stationary jaw crushers are built to allow you to achieve the right outcome every time. Versatility comes as standard, with a jaw crusher range suitable for many different applications within quarrying and mining segments. Our equipment has been tried and tested across the world, and is designed with a focus on improving reliability and efficiency giving you higher overall productivity rates.

ModelWeight kg (lb)Feed opening mm (in.)Capacity
CJ815 Jaw crusher 63,500 (14,0000) 1,500 x 1,300 (59 x 51) 480 - 1,160
CJ615 Jaw crusher 53,000 (11,6800) 1,500 x 1,070 (59 x 42) 385 - 1,185
CJ613 Jaw crusher 41,500 (91,500) 1,300 x 1,130 (51 x 45) 330 - 960
CJ612 Jaw crusher 39,000 (86,000) 1,200 x 1,100 (47 x 43) 300 - 805
CJ412 Jaw crusher 25,200 (55,600) 1,200 x 830 (47 x 33) 165 - 790
CJ411 Jaw crusher 20,600 (45,400) 1,045 x 840 (41 x 33) 150 - 565
CJ409 Jaw crusher 13,200 (29,100) 895 x 660 (35 x 28) 85 - 320
CJ211 Jaw crusher 14,300 (31,500) 1,100 x 700 (43 x 27) 80 - 490

High capacity jaw crushers and low cost per ton

Sandvik's range of jaw crushers is designed to offer you the highest possible capacity and lowest cost per ton. All of our jaw crushers are of the single toggle type, with a deep, symmetrical crushing chamber and easy setting adjustment to make your crushing process easier. Whether you're looking for a heavy duty jaw crusher suitable for tough applications, or a sturdy crusher for stationary installations, we deliver.

Ensuring our products are safe and easy to operate as well as being easy for you to maintain is essential in order to guarantee optimal output and efficiency. Sandvik jaw crushers are built on well proven technology to offer you the highest possible reliability and performance, whilst prioritizing operator safety.

From years of research and experience in the field, we understand the many challenges that you face. This means we can make sure all of our products ensure that risk is minimized, which allows your operations to run smoothly. We are strongly committed to providing you with equipment that has a long working life, so you can continue to work efficiently and keep productivity high. If you have any questions regarding our stationary jaw crushers please contact a member of our team.

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