Stationary HSI impact crushers

Sandvik HSI Impact crusher

Sandvik stationary HSI impact Prisec™ crushers have been developed in response to customer demands, further building on the rock-solid foundation of the P&S series it replaces. All crushers in the range can be configured to operate in a variety of applications, in either primary or secondary crushing mode.

The patented design gives you vastly improved adaptability, ensuring you keep pace with ever-changing production requirements.

Great reduction ratios – greatly reduced maintenance costs

The new crushing chamber delivers greater reduction ratios than were previously obtainable. Two uniquely designed extra heavy duty curtains give the throughput and reduction ratios that our competitors require three curtains to produce. This means fewer wear parts and reduced maintenance, reducing overall downtime.

Both curtains are adjustable via our patented hydraulic adjustment/braking system, using the standard supply electric hydraulic power pack.

No more crusher blockage – what would it mean for you?

It's a common problem, especially when operating in a primary configuration. But our Prisec crushers eliminate the potential for blockage, as well as the associated downtime and health and safety risks.

ModelWeight kg (lb)Max. feed size
mm (in)
Capacity tph
CI732 HSI impact crusher 29,650 (65,367) 350 (13.8) 250 - 400
CI731 HSI impact crusher 27,750 (61,178) 1,000 (39.4) 400 - 700
CI722 HSI impact crusher 16,256 (35,838) 350 (13.8) 150 - 250
CI721 HSI impact crusher 16,000 (35,274) 900 (35.4) 200 - 400
CI712 HSI impact crusher 11,184 (24656) 300 (23.6) < 150
CI711 HSI impact crusher 11,005 (24262) 600 (23.6) < 200
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