CH890i Cone crusher

Sandvik CH890i Cone crusher

Sandvik CH890i is a technologically advanced, high-capacity cone crusher designed for crushing applications in mines or large sized quarries. Each crusher has a hydraulically supported main shaft which is supported at both ends. With a robust design, adjustable eccentric throw, a constant intake opening, high performance can be achieved by proper selection of a Sandvik OEM crushing chamber.

It brings you a revolution in intelligent crushing. Connected via the My Sandvik portal, it offers 24/7 access to data generated by your connected Sandvik crusher fleet. Now you can make decisions based on facts, and clearly see areas where you can improve uptime and productivity. My Sandvik gives you access to manuals and an e-commerce platform for easily and efficiently buying and reordering wear and spare parts. It lets you track and trace parts online to make maintenance planning simpler.

Sandvik CH890i is dedicated for high-capacity secondary crushing thanks to its 750 kW motor delivering higher power and more crushing force at maximum throw. The increased crushing force facilitates higher size reduction, resulting in a finer product size and less circulating load in closed circuits.

The main shaft is now 65% stronger and both the top and bottom shells have been strengthened and cast-optimized by up to 50% for maximum reliability and higher availability. Bolted rather than welded arm and body liners reduce maintenance time by up to 90% making the process faster and safer.

The automation system optimizes the performance of the crusher without overloading it, allowing you to get the most out of your crusher. It can also automatically adjust your crusher settings to compensate for crushing chamber wear – ensuring consistent product size.


  • Hydroset™ system provides safety and setting-adjustment functions
  • ASRi™ automatically adapts crusher to feed conditions
  • Unibody mainframe ensures optimal strength and less maintenance
  • Lifting from above minimizes risks and allows for safer maintenance
  • The electric dump valve system protects your crusher against unwanted pressure peaks greatly improving its performance and reliability
Technical data
Nominal capacity 275 - 1,837 mtph (303 - 2,025 stph)
Max. feed size 428 mm (16.9 in.)
Motor power 750 kW (1,000 hp)
Closed side setting (CSS) range 13 - 70 mm (0.5 - 2.8 in.)
Eccentric throw range 24 - 70 mm (0.9 - 2.8 in.)
Mantles (inner liners) A, B, HC, EF, FF
Concaves (outer liners) EC, C, MC, M, MF, F
Weight 97,000 kg (213,800 lb)
Automation (ASRi) Standard
Electric dump valve Standard
Lubrication tank Standard
Tank instrument monitoring system Standard
Offline lubrication filtration unit Standard

Several different crushing chambers are available for the CH890 as standard. The crusher can easily be matched to changes in production by selecting the right crushing chamber and eccentric throw. The chambers available are:

  • F = Fine
  • MF = Medium fine
  • M = Medium
  • MC = Medium coarse
  • C = Coarse
  • EC = Extra coarse