Sandvik carbides

XT48 is our basic cemented carbide grade used for most drilling conditions. As a result, this should be your first choice, especially for drilling in rock which has unknown properties. A spherical insert made of XT48 grade has a toughness/wear resistance ratio optimized to withstand both high load and high wear.

DP55 is a grade that has a wear resistance similar to XT48 but which offers better toughness. It is specially suited for ballistic inserts to accommodate the higher loads that they may be exposed to.

DP65 has similar levels of toughness as XT48, but considerably higher wear resistance. This grade is used for tools with large, spherical inserts and should be the immediate choice for drilling in very abrasive rock.

GC80 with its new technology (new manufacturing process) that enables higher wear resistance without sacrificing toughness in abrasive rock formations.