Heavy Duty Bits

Heavy Duty Bits are our newest collection of top hammer drill bits for the production drilling and quarrying markets. It increases productivity and improves sustainability through longer grinding intervals and extended service life.


The new Heavy Duty drill bits are made to last. Depending on rock conditions, our top hammer customers can expect up to twice the service life compared to standard bits, as well as lower cost per meter and, ultimately, lower total drilling cost. The all-new design also improves safety and sustainability with fewer bit changes, less manual handling and reduced carbon footprint. A small part with huge importance.

For Heavy Duty Bits, we have developed a new design which ensure a tough and solid drill bit. But we have also upgraded our current product range with the strong features of our PowerCarbideTM technology.


Heavy Duty Bits comes with our innovative PowerCarbideTM grades that provide extended grinding intervals and more than 50 percent longer service life, depending on rock conditions. For Heavy Duty Bits, the PowerCarbideTM selection include our gradient grades, GC81 and our self-hardening grades SH70. With its unique combinations of strength, hardness, toughness and wear resistance, you optimize both your bench and long hole drilling.


Heavy Duty Bits have a fully covered front and buttons in three angles to improve service life for gauge row​. It also features large flushing capacity with improved ROP​ - all leading to more drill speed and increased productivity​.

Longer service life ​

  • Lower rock tools costs​
  • Less manufacturing carbon footprint​
  • Less manual handling ​
  • Reduced risk for injuries

Innovative PowerCarbide™ grades

  • Self-hardening
  • Wear resistant
  • Extends grinding intervals

Heavy Duty Bits are available in all threads for surface bench drilling and long hole drilling underground.

Heavy Duty Bits with PowerCarbide™ are our toughest top hammer drill bits yet, pushing just about every limit in bench, quarrying and production long hole drilling.