Sandvik Top Hammer Autobit

The top hammer Autobit is designed to enhance your automated operations in longhole/production drilling. With its long first grinding interval – more than twice that of standard bits – it will last through your entire shift change.

Automated drill rigs transformed our industry more than two decades ago, but even today few are used to their full potential due to drill bits that limit production. With Autobit in your toolbox, you raise your drilling potential and enable several more hours of drilling every day compared to standard products in automated conditions.


Autobit comes with a new and innovative bit design and the addition of Sandvik’s pioneering PowerCarbide™ grades. By combining a strong gauge row, fully ballistic button profile and carved out front design, as well as the wear resistant and self-hardening PowerCarbide™ SH70 grade, it greatly increases productivity in automated longhole drilling operations. Your first grinding interval can be more than doubled, leading to extensively prolonged drilling in auto.

A longer bit life also means fewer bits to change and recycle, less manual handling, and reduced risk of injuries. It is safer and more cost-effective for you, and better for our environment.


Optimized bit design to drill well even while worn

  • Delaying contact between bit steel and rock
  • Large button protrusion
  • Aggressive button profile
  • Carved out front design
  • Strong gauge row and 40O gauge angle
  • Generous sludge grooves

Innovative PowerCarbide™ grades

  • Self-hardening
  • Wear resistant
  • Extends grinding intervals

Autobit is currently available in ST68, 102 mm, with more sizes to be developed soon.

The key to productive operations is to always keep your machines busy. That means your drill must go on – even during shift changes.