Sandvik Alpha™ 330

Today’s rock drills generate almost unlimited impact power. We need to control that power and, most importantly, ensure that it is transmitted into the rock as efficiently, accurately and economically possible. That is the job of the rock drilling tools, which is why we continue to develop the Alpha 330 tool system – to bring the best solution for performance and productivity.

The drill string rod/bit connection features an entirely new thread design and the rod itself is, with a T38 thread at the shank end. The rods new short thread design results in a rigid, integrated power pack drill string. A superior resistance to bending stresses along with improved bit guidance results in a perfect energy transfer. The sturdy thread is well guided inside the bit skirt, offering high precision in collaring – even in complex rock formations and against uneven surfaces.


  • New short thread design result in a rigid, integrated drill string optimized for 43 to 51 mm drilling.
  • The new short thread design offers increased precision in collaring.
  • The rigid drill string results in straighter holes, permitting optimum drilling patterns, better hole accuracy and higher rates of advance.
  • Exact collaring and straighter holes are prerequisites for productive drilling with less over break and lower overall costs.
  • Less downtime of machinery resulting in better scheduling through optimal productivity