RR640 horizontal directional drilling tool bit

These ultra-premium bits and reamers are designed for long crossings, extreme drilling conditions and very high rotation hours.

Patented Charger® HDX® technology

Runs smoother, generates less torque, drills longer and faster with lower overall costs, and completes the hole in one pass. Combines patented Phinodal™ dual-sealed bearing system that provides high load and rotation capability, with the Kevlar™ fabric excluder to offer superior performance in the harshest conditions.

Trucut™ gage inserts

Maximizes wear resistance and minimizes breakage with semi-round top (SRT) inserts on the gage, alternating with either sculptured or off-gage inserts. Also minimizes fatigue and heat checking-induced breakage, leading to longer bit life and better penetration rates.

Side Reservoir System for 6 ¾ in. and Larger Bits
Extends bearing reliability, and prevents excessive borehole pressure that can cause premature bearing failure using a pin-vent pressure compensator system. It equalizes the internal bit pressure to the external borehole pressure, and prevents grease from escaping through the seal when it expands thermally.

Rapidkleen™ forging

Penetrates better and offers longer bit life with an asymmetrical design that protects the key components, and allows for the rapid escape of cuttings from the bore bottom. Preferential nozzle orientation also offers efficient bottom hole cleaning.

W feature – wear resistance

Reduces cone wear and increases bit life with its addi¬tional wear resistant material. It also avoids lost cutting structure and premature failure.

SRT leg and shirttail protection

Maximizes protection, enhances steering, and impro¬ves precision with strategically placed SRT inserts. Also offers longer bit life.