RR620 horizontal directional drilling tool bit

These HHS rotary pilot bits are designed for intermediate bores and medium rotation hours.

Patented Phinodal™ single-sealed bearing system

High load and rotation capabilities thanks to advanced metallurgy.

Sculptured chisel and conical inserts

Tougher than conventional chisel inserts and designed to optimize performance in medium-soft to medium-hard formations. For medium to hard formations, conical inserts offer added strength and wear resistance to the insert tip.

Durable gage row inserts

Maintain hole diameter longer, increase durability and slow gage rounding rates. They also increase penetration rates by cutting the hole wall and hole bottom simultaneously.

Flat-top leg and shirttail protection

Adds durability and protection. Tungsten carbide inserts (TCI) pressed into the leg, shirttail and reservoir areas reduce bit body wear caused by caving holes, and allow you to drill out of collapsed holes more efficiently.

HDSM Pilot bit

Aggressive steel-tooth cutting structure designed for soft to medium formations with low compressive strength.