RR222 Rotary drilling tool bit

Sandvik RR222 Rotary drilling tool

Through superior air flow and wear protection Sandvik RR222 will keep on working 20% longer than our previous version, RR221. Part of the upgrade has been the development of the new X05 cutting structure, delivering market leading penetration rates and bit life. New is also the MT-1, a mill-tooth bit offering maximum performance in soft rock applications.

Sandvik RR222 legs has been updated with opitimized air flow with the Sandvik asymmetrical leg. This improves the evacuation of cuttings – vital for continuous productivity – and improves wear life in abrasive or challenging drilling conditions.

The hard-faced heel-row gage protection offers superior wear properties, particularly for abrasive rock applications. For maximum wear life Sandvik RR222 is supplied with full 3/3rd leg protection. Our proprietary CSI-treated tungsten carbide matches your drilling conditions to increase bit life.

The patented air bearings are finished to the highest standard, minimizing spalling during sustained loads. Their unique geometry combines radial and axial load capacities to increase the material toughness, improve the shock load capacity and reduce your downtime with fewer bit changes.