Rotary drilling tool bits

Sandvik rotary drilling tool bits

The Sandvik range of rotary drilling bits includes geometries and cemented carbide grades for different surface and compressive strengths, abrasiveness, massiveness and homogeneity of rock as well as for various penetration rates and capabilities and characteristics of the drill rig. Innovative bearing technology and improved geometry, materials and machining methods provide longer bearing life.

The selection of Sandvik rotary drill bits covers both blasthole bits for mining applications and bits suitable for construction and civil engineering applications. The product covers hole diameters from 159 to 406 millimeters (6 ¼ to 16 inches). Both air-cooled and sealed bearings are available, as well as various carbide grades and insert geometries with cutting structures optimized for all conditions.


  • Insert shapes and grades designed to provide long life and high productivity
  • Longer service life for decreased machine downtime
  • Air-cooled bearing performance optimized for high hours by advanced metallurgy, proportioning of components, and optimized geometries

Sandvik RR910 family of drill bits are steel tooth type of bits that runs on an open bearing platform to provide cost effective and high performance drilling. The product line incorporates all of Sandvik’s design, manufacturing, and materials expertise to yield high quality and reliable performance. Cutting structure designs are based on proven configurations, for today's challenging downhole conditions.

These ultra-premium bits and reamers are designed for long crossings, extreme drilling conditions and very high rotation hours.

These HHS rotary pilot bits are designed for intermediate bores and medium rotation hours.

Sandvik RR441 Rotary drilling tool

Sandvik RR441, known as the Charger ™, revolutionizes the global mining market. A sealed journal bearing blasthole bit designed for surface mining. With up to 140% longer lifetime than comparable drillbits (RR222) and lower cost per meter we can offer a rotary bit that will pay off in the long run. Add to that, less bit changes and less manual handling. It´s Sandvik RR441, the real drill bit experience for the next generation.

Sandvik RR330 rotary drilling tool bit

Sandvik RR330 revitalizes the global mining and drilling industry. With up to 45% longer bit life, RR330 outlives comparable drillbits on the market. Extended life is combined with improved ease of use and durability. Also with extended life you need less bit changes and less manual handling leading to improved safety.

Sandvik RR222 Rotary drilling tool

Through superior air flow and wear protection Sandvik RR222 will keep on working 20% longer than our previous version, RR221. Part of the upgrade has been the development of the new X05 cutting structure, delivering market leading penetration rates and bit life. New is also the MT-1, a mill-tooth bit offering maximum performance in soft rock applications.


With up to 45% longer bit life, Sandvik RR330 series rotary bit outlives comparable drillbits on the global market.

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