RP550 Shock Absorber

With Sandvik RP550 Shock Absorber, your Rotary or Down-The-Hole drilling tools will have longer service life, lower cost per meter and - thanks to the new design features - greatly improved safety.

The shock absorber is an important tool in any drilling operation. By greatly reducing shock and vibration, it saves the drill rigs rotary head to enhance performance and provide a much smoother drilling operation. The revolutionary new design of the Sandvik RP550 Shock Absorber makes it maintenance free and features an entirely new safety coupling which locks the thread connection, making handling much safer than with other shock absorbers.



  • Safety coupling for locking connections and eliminating welding
  • Full seal with no maintenance that reduces time spent on the work deck
  • Floating cushion to dampen vibration and easy uncoupling
  • No leaks, giving cleaner operator windows and lowering the risk of damage or injury
  • Fewer changes, which reduces the need for manual handling


  • Longer service life
  • Smoother drilling with reduction in both shock and vibration
  • Vibration measurement and monitoring


  • Lower cost per meter
  • Greatly reduced maintenance cost
  • Extended tool life of the drill rigs rotary head, drill string and bits
  • Better overall drilling economy


The assortment and model specifications are found in below table. For more detailed information, please contact your local Sandvik representative.

MODEL F40 F60 F100 F150
Rig type Boom rigs- DR580, SM D65 DM45, DML, D45, D55 PV271, DR412, PV275, MD6250, 6310 PV351,311, DR416, MD6640, P&H120
Application DTH Rotary/DTH Rotary/DTH Rotary/DTH
Hole size (inch) 3-6" 4-8" 6-12" 10-16"
Drill rig pulldown capacity 40 000 60 000 100 000 150 000
SA OD (inch) 9 ¼" 10 ¾" 15" 20"
Length extended (inch) 15" 17 ½" 24"
(+7" for safety saver sub)
(+7" for safety saver sub)
Pin/box 3 ½" API reg 4" API IF 6 ⅝" API reg 7 ⅝" API reg
Safety coupling pin/box No Select models Yes Yes