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Sandvik MD and MDX Rock Bolts

The Sandvik Mechanical Dynamic bolting system is faster and easier to install than conventional grouted rock bolts and provides improved ground support.

Designed and developed in Australia, the Sandvik Mechanical Dynamic Rock Bolt (MD and MDX range) is a quick, easy, "one pass" application that can replace a range of ground support systems, including resin bolts, stiff split sets, and even cable bolting in some instances.​​


With its unique wedge design, the Mechanical Dynamic bolting system is considered a permanent rock bolt that has been developed to provide strata support in a wide variety of rock conditions (weak and competent), and in particular, seismic rock conditions.

Many forms of ground support can be slow to install, and are a relatively rigid two-pass system, and as a result they are not suitable for dynamic ground conditions. In contrast, the MD Rock Bolt is a true dynamic bolt which can yield and withstand changing ground conditions.

Installation of the Sandvik bolting system is single-pass, without the need for post grouting.​


Bolts are manufactured with a 20 mm bar and available in both 47 mm and 39 mm diameters. They come in a range of lengths, spanning from 1.8 meter to 4.0 meters.

​MD / MDX Bolts


​On-site Drop Testing

​MD47 Bolt ​Eye H​anger​ ​Sandvik Drop Test Unit
​MDX47 Bolt​​​ ​Bolt Pull Collar​​​​
​MDX39 Bolt ​Bolt Meshing Clamp
​​​​Bolt Drivers​

Sandvik Dynamic Rock Bolts

Our MD/MDX bolts are designed for underground hard rock mines.

Sandvik Rock Bolt Accessories

Sandvik has a comprehensive range of ground support accessories, designed to work with bolting and strata support tools.

Sandvik Rock Bolts On Site Drop Testing

Drop testing rock bolts is a service that Sandvik can provide for you to prove the capabilities of the ground support products in the mines real life rock conditions.


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