RS410 Raise Boring Cutter

RS410 is the new raise boring cutter from Sandvik. With updated features it brings a longer service life - increasing the efficiency of your raise bore drilling and offering a safer work setting for your operators.

You can use RS410 Raise Boring Cutter on all Sandvik reamers and across all raise boring applications. As the new RS410 includes serviceable cutter parts and ability of reusage, it can also be used for multiple raises in the mine - leading to a sustainable option that benefits both your drilling economy and the environment.


Productivity and quality:

  • Updated bearing design for longer tool life and optimized capacity
  • New grease system for higher heat tolerances
  • New tougher carbide for reduced insert breakages in tough rock conditions

Safety and sustainability:

  • Less down time and lower maintenance cost
  • Less time spent on changing cutters, lower exposure to risk and injury
  • Project finished on time or even ahead of time

All in all, new RS410 Raise Boring Cutter boosts your productivity and lowers your total drilling cost.


CMR41 126 kg 7008-6141-7X*
CMR52 130 kg 7008-6152-7X*
CMR501 130 kg 7008-6551-7X*
CMR601 133 kg 7008-6561-7X*
Max cutter load: 27 ton
Max cutter rpm: 85

*Options for different carbide grades (standard grade is 77)

New RS410 Raiseboring Cutter is here. With updated and improved features, it brings a longer service life and increases the safety of your raiseboring operations.