RG600 Pro

RG600 Grinding Close Up

Sandvik RG600 Pro Grinding Machine is a stationary and semi-automatic resharpening grinder that meets your tough productivity demands. It maximizes the lifespan of your drill bits, supports more sustainable grinding operations, and enhances your overall drilling economy. And most importantly, it is a true market leader in putting operator safety first.


Sandvik RG600 Pro is a plug and go machine with easy, user-friendly, and ergonomic features. Advanced and integrated operator safety such as reduced vibration, two-handed safety operations, and automatic stops eliminates the risk of hand injuries. A power ventilation system also ensures a safer work environment and minimizes operator inhalation exposure.


Sandvik RG600 Pro is a precision grinder with solid production capacity. Featuring multiple bit-loading with accurate axis alignment, as well as adapted bit sized parameter programmed grinding, you increase the time efficiency by 37% for each grinding session. Add scanning and tracking of regrinded bits, grinding cups, usage and services, and you collect all the grinding data you need for improved productivity and reduced maintenance downtime.


Regrinding drill bits regularly increase your bit service life. It is a smart way to get more meters out of your drilling equipment, while reducing waste and lowering the emissions of manufacturing and transporting new bits. Sandvik RG600 Pro includes a compact and highly efficient water recycling system, that reduces the use of water consumption by up to 97% - making it ideal where water supply is limited and allowing for environmental-friendly disposal of cuttings.


If you are interested in the RG600 Pro grinding machine, please contact a representative in your local Sales Area and we are happy to support you further.