Tundo™ RH650 Down-the-hole hammers

In open-pit mines around the world, large down-the-hole drill rigs are working nonstop 24/7. In this context, the new Tundo™ RH650 DTH hammer pays off quickly, thanks to its highly efficient use of the drill rig’s compressed air.

The new Tundo™ DTH hammer is only a small link in the production chain from mine to finished raw material. However, it is uniquely designed to make a big difference - by increasing the mine’s output while reducing the operating costs and carbon dioxide emissions for the drill rigs at the same time.
The new Tundo™ RH650 DTH hammer takes reliability and efficiency to a new level in your surface mining operations. The innovative solid piston and air cycle design enable high performance rates at low air consumption, leading to dramatically lowered drilling costs, fuel burn and carbon footprint.


  • Reduction of rig investment costs
  • Significant fuel savings and reduction of CO2 footprint
  • Productivity increase
  • Compact design, with a significantly smaller size and lower weight that allows for easier and safer handling
  • More evenly distributed stress on the retainer shoulder, which leads to less wear on the bit
  • Efficient air cycle design, which highly improves the drilling efficiency and fuel economy
  • A solid piston for great reliability. With porting being done externally, the piston is free from cross drilled holes and therefore reduces stress induced failures

The new TUNDO™ DTH hammer is designed to be more productive and fuel-efficient than any other DTH hammer on the market. So efficient that it pays for itself in no time - and reduces your carbon footprint meanwhile.