Drilling systems

Sandvik cutting and bolting rods

Sandvik drill rods are manufactured from premium, high-strength, alloy steel and are available in either hexagonal or round configurations. The drive ends are fully forged and the drill rods are heat treated for maximum durability and safety. Available in 600 mm to 3000 mm lengths to match your need.​

Extension rods

Sandvik hexagonal or round extension rods are suitable for most hand held bolting rigs​, bolter miner and mobile drill rig machines. Intended for most applications in underground soft rock mines, these extension rods are constructed for long life.


  • Made with superior Sandvik steel for increased service life
  • Engineered for straight holes and easy coupling/uncoupling to provide you with higher productivity
  • Suitable for hole diameters 27 mm to 72 mm, thus making it easy to use in most applications