Cutting and bolting tools

Sandvik cutting and bolting tools

Sandvik offers a broad range of tool systems for machines such as coal shearers, continuous miners and roadheaders, bolter miners and drill rigs.

Cutting tools for surface miners

Sandvik cemented tungsten carbide tip cutting tool systems for surface miners are energy-efficient and productive, and decrease the strain on the machine. Long tool life and easy tool replacement ensure minimal downtime.

Drilling and bolting tools

Sandvik has a comprehensive range of drilling tools and accessories suitable for drill rigs and bolters. Our drilling and bolting tools offer you superior life, drilling productivity and safety.

Strata support

Sandvik MD rock bolts guarantees proper anchoring in challenging seismic rock conditions

Cutting tools for continuous miners

Sandvik offers a wide range of extremely productive and reliable continuous miner cutting tools for bord and pillar mining.​

Cutting tools for roadheaders and miners

Sandvik has a wide selection of highly productive conical mining tools for roadway development with the toughtest carbide grades in the industry.

Cutting tools for construction applications

Sandvik tooling for road planers, recycling machinery and graders, and for trenching and tunneling machines, offer high productivity and are easy and safe to replace.


  • Complete in-house research and rock test lab guarantees the optimal solution for any application
  • Various tip geometries, body shapes, block designs and retention mechanisms available to best match your needs
  • Special designs for both hard and soft rock conditions to optimize tool life
  • Dedicated carbide grades for all materials and conditions ensure optimal productivity and a long tool life
  • Spark- and wear-resistant mechanical cutting tools for increased EHS and productivity
Sandvik direct drive drilling systems

Sandvik Direct Drive Drilling System is far superior to conventional drilling systems for four main reasons: it’s safer, faster, easier and smarter.

Our MD/MDX bolts are designed for underground hard rock mines

Sandvik cutting and bolting rods

Sandvik drill rods are manufactured from premium, high-strength, alloy steel and are available in either hexagonal or round configurations. The drive ends are fully forged and the drill rods are heat treated for maximum durability and safety. Available in 600 mm to 3000 mm lengths to match your need.​

Our Sandvik System 2000 for motor graders, designed to handle a variety of applications, such as gravel reclamation, gravel maintenance, oil road reclamation, asphalt planing, ice and snow removal, removal of potholes and washboards on dirt and gravel roads.

Sandvik accessories for surface miners, roadheaders, coal shearers, continuous miners and bolter miners are designed to work both with conical tools, and block and sleeves. To assist with tool and machine maintenance, these accessories include pullers and extractors, ratchet snap-ring pliers, and hand tools for the installation and removal of external hairpin retainers.

Sandvik Blocks Sleeves

Sandvik's heavy­duty blocks with back support offer you a footprint for maximum retention as well as locator holes for easy alignment. We also offer a range of sleeves designed to effectively protect blocks of varying sizes. The replaceable sleeve extends block life by protecting it from wear, material and debris. The block shape, style and measurements determines the type of sleeve you need for your machine.

Sandvik cutting and bolting picks

Sandvik hybrid picks for continuous mining equipment provide superior productivity in both the harshest conditions and in more forgiving environments. They combine the efficient cutting characteristics of the patented Sandvik CAP designs with the durability and long life of the insert tip. The patented design improves safety, efficiency and working conditions, resulting in increased productivity and reduced production costs.