RDX5 Rock drill

Sandvik RDX5 is a new robust rock drill. It is designed to offer outstanding reliability in face and long hole drilling as well as in rock bolting. The new Sandvik RDX5 will replace the existing Sandvik HLX5 rock drill. Sandvik RDX5 rock drill is designed to honor its predecessor by exceeding its well-known level of reliability.

The new Sandvik RDX5 rock drill is sold with an increased minimum service interval. The design of the new rock drill includes a minimal amount of moving parts and pressurized seams to increase the robustness. Sandvik RDX5 has a new percussion package and a patented piston design which enables improved energy efficiency. The RDX5 rock drill is completely interchangeable with existing HLX5 rock drills in all applications where used.

Technical data
Hole diameter drilling 43 - 64 mm
Hole diameter reaming 76 - 127 mm
Power class 20 kW
Percussion rate 67 Hz
Operating pressure
Rotation (max.)

120 - 220 bar
175 bar
Rotation motor type OMS 80, OMS 125 or OMS 160
Drill steels R32, R39 or Hex 35 mm drifter rods, MF-rods highly recommended
Shanks 45 mm / T38 / R32 / T35 / R38 / T45
Weight 210 kg

The best just got even better Sandvik RDX5

For a generation, Sandvik HLX5 has been the most dependable rock drill in the market – now we introduce the next generation rock drill, the Sandvik RDX5.

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