RD535 Rock drill

Sandvik RD535 Rock drill

Sandvik RD535 is a new high frequency rock drill from Sandvik. It is designed for high speed drilling in tunneling application. Its excellent power transfer capabilities enable higher penetration with lower energy usage.

The new Sandvik RD535 rock drill is designed to work flawlessly together with the new Sandvik DT1132i tunneling rig and the new rock tools designed especially for high speed drilling. Sandvik RD535 rock drill’s body structure increases durability and reliability of the rock drill, making sure that the internal parts are always perfectly aligned during drilling. The stabilizer secures bit rock contact at all times, lowering stress and increasing tool life.

Technical data
Hole diameter drilling 48 - 64 mm
Hole diameter reaming 76 - 127 mm
Power class 31 kW
Percussion rate 107 Hz
Operating pressure

100 - 225 bar
Rotation motor type OMS 125
Drill steels R42 or R39 drifter rods, MF-rods highly recommended
Shanks T35 (male)
T38 (male)
T45 (male)
Weight 230 kg

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