RD1840C Rock drill

RD1840C rock drill is designed for large hole drilling of Ø 140…178 mm (5½”…7”) holes with high 49 kW drilling power. Its robust design and well-balanced long piston percussion package are made especially for demanding circumstances. The long piston technology generates high-impact energy with optimum pulse form. This provides perfect drilling performance in large hole drilling without compromising the rock tools’ service life. The geometry and physical dimensions of the RD1840C rock drill have been optimized for the Top Hammer XL drilling system.

As an additional option, RD1840C will be available with the Sandvik RockPulse™ tool stress monitoring system. The system offers the drill operator real-time measurement data on three key drilling parameters: drill bit response, tools load and feed level. The system measures the stress waves and guides the operator to find the right drilling parameters for the best rock contact and performance.

Technical data
Hole diameter 140-178 mm (5½-7)
Power class 49 kW
Percussion rate 39 Hz
Operating pressure
Rotation (max.)

140-280 bar
150 bar (630cc)
110 bar (800cc)

Rotation motor size 630 cc
800 cc
Drill steels MF tube LT90, GT60
Shanks Ø80mm / LT90
Ø800mm / GT60
Weight 570 kg (1255 lbs)
Sandvik RockPulse™ drilling sensor technology

RockPulse™ utilizes ground breaking sensor technology and gives you visibility inside the rock while you drill. The system analyzes the efficiency and quality of your drilling, suggesting adjustments to your feed, pressure and bit.

The new Top Hammer XL drilling system expands the limits for top hammer drilling. You can now drill blast holes 140 to 178 mm (5½" to 7") with the top hammer drilling method instead of your current down-the-hole (DTH) system.