HL300 Rock drill

Sandvik HL300 Rock drill

Sandvik HL300 hydraulic rock drill is designed for long-hole production drilling on surface and rock bolting in hard rock bolting in underground hard rock mines and is also used in light tunneling rigs.

Sandvik HL300 is a hydraulic percussive rock drill with independent reversible rotation and low profile height and is equipped with a separate lateral flushing head.

Biodegradable oils can be used both in hydraulic and shank lubrication to reduce environmental impact.

Technical data
Hole diameter drilling 32 - 38 mm (Underground)
43 - 64 mm (Surface)
Power class 8 kW
Percussion rate 50 Hz
Operating pressure
Rotation (max.)

100 - 160 bar
175 bar
Rotation motor type Tamrock H38 / H50 /OMSU80
Drill steels 25 /32 drifter rods
Shanks Female / male
R28 / R32
Weight 92 kg