HEX1 Rock drill

Sandvik HEX1 Rock drill

Sandvik HEX1 hydraulic rock drill is designed for a maximum recommended diameter of 45 mm. Typical applications include foundation drilling, road cutting, trenching, bolting, line drilling in dimensional stone quarries and other special drilling applications.

Sandvik HEX1 is a compact hydraulic percussive top hammer rock drill with low profile height that drills with air flushing (water optional). Biodegradable oils can be used both in hydraulic and in shank lubrication to reduce the environmental risk.

Technical data
Hole diameter drilling 22 - 45 mm
Power class 6.5 kW
Percussion rate 70 - 88 Hz
Operating pressure
Rotation (max. continuous)
Rotation (max. intermittent)

100 - 180 bar
100 bar (OMM20, 32)
70 bar (OMM50)
Rotation motor type OMM20, OMM32, OMM50
Drill steels H19, H22, H25 integral rods
Shanks Hex 19 x 108 mm
Hex 22 x 108 mm
Hex 25 x 108 mm
Weight 50 kg