Rock drills

Sandvik is the world’s leading manufacturer of surface and deep rock drilling equipment technology.

With our decades of expertise, we manufacture reliable, high quality and efficient rock drills for mining and civil engineering applications to , boost productivity and minimize downtime. We offer a wide range of rock drills for all your application needs in surface and deep rock drilling, both in mining and civil construction worksites. Our powered and hydraulic rock drills are designed for their users and are known for their high quality, endurance and reliability.

Sandvik top hammer rock drills

Sandvik top hammer rock drills are reliable, efficient and we have the most comprehensive offering for all different top hammer drilling applications such as surface civil engineering, quarrying, dimensional stone quarrying and underground development, bolting, production drilling among others.

Sandvik RockPulse™ drilling sensor technology

RockPulse™ utilizes ground breaking sensor technology and gives you visibility inside the rock while you drill. The system analyzes the efficiency and quality of your drilling, suggesting adjustments to your feed, pressure and bit.

The best just got even better Sandvik RDX5

For a generation, Sandvik HLX5 has been the most dependable rock drill in the market – now we introduce the next generation rock drill, the Sandvik RDX5.

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The Best Rock Drilling Equipment

Everything that we do at Sandvik has the user at the forefront of the design processes, ensuring the ideas we develop are practical and will benefit them. Seen throughout our rock drilling equipment, we are proud to offer the world’s leading solutions to rock drills which for decades have provided exactly what’s needed; reliability and efficiency. Our technology has helped minimize downtime across the industry, saving millions in the process, whether it is with the requirement of drilling, excavating, transporting and more. Even when things do not go according to plan, we have the processes in place to get you back up and running quickly, with our dedicated parts and services on demand.

We believe in doing the job correctly first-time, and we set incredibly high standards, ensuring our customers receive the best innovations and equipment they can find anywhere. We will boost your productivity by utilizing the very latest in cutting-edge rock drilling equipment. Your investment in our technology ensures a fast return on investment through the ongoing performance capability of our machinery. All of our products and equipment are manufactured with the customer’s success in mind, capable of integrating into any type of project , maximising existing work processes. We are experts in our field built on decades of collaboration with our customers. For further information on any of our products and services, please contact us today.

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Real-time analysis

14 November, 2018 Sandvik RockPulse marks the evolution of top-hammer drilling technology as it works directly with the…

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