QE441 Free Flow Mobile scalper

Sandvik QE441 Free Flow Mobile scalper separating recycled material

Sandvik QE441 Free Flow is a new addition to our premium range of scalpers. This version provides you with a versatile and highly efficient mobile solution for difficult to screen materials, without any of the plugging or blockages often experienced with traditional screens.

Sandvik QE441 Free Flow features a heavy duty scalping screen which allows you to process large un-screened material on the rigid scalping top deck, whilst providing a fine screening solution on the dual motion lower deck. The Free Flow screen itself is hugely versatile, with a wide range of settings designed to suit your specific needs.

It is your ideal solution for processing materials such as soils, aggregates, ores, waste, biomass and other products with high moisture contents, whilst maintaining superior levels of productivity.

Sandvik QE441 Free Flow prioritizes operator safety too, with feeder control and 2 speed radio tracking fitted as standard.

Other models within this range include Sandvik QE141, Sandvik QE241 , Sandvik QE341 and Sandvik QE441.


  • Aggressive Free Flow screen with wide range of adjustable throws and speeds enables the bottom deck to be tailored for numerous applications
  • Easy operation through a unique colour-coded control panel with sequential start / stop
  • Operator safety ensured with 2 speed radio tracking and feeder control as standard
  • Massive stockpiling capability through integrated hydraulic conveyors
  • Compatible for 2-way or 3-way split configurations
Technical data
Screen box 5.4 x 1.75 m (18 x 6 ft)
Engine C4.4 96 kW (129 hp)
Transport length 16.33 m (53 ft 7 in.)
Transport width 3.20 m (10 ft 6 in.)
Transport height 3.50 m (11 ft 6 in.)
Weight 37,070 kg (81,725 lb)

Please note all weights and dimensions are for standard units only.