MT720 Roadheader for tunneling

Sandvik MT720 is an electrically powered and crawler-mounted boom-type roadheader which is engineered to cut hard and abrasive rock beyond 120 MPa compressive strength at mechanized tunneling. This extremely powerful 100-ton-class roadheader has a powerful transversal cutter head mounted on an extremely robust telescopic boom.

Sandvik MT720 has an extended field of operation for mechanized tunnelling in hard and abrasive rock formations. The robust stabilized telescopic cutter boom is ideal for optimum cutting power application, maintaining high productivity together with energy efficiency, which lowers overall operating costs.

The MT720 is available as PLC (Programmable Logical Controlled) or hydraulically controlled machine.


  • Designed for economical excavation to minimize operating costs
  • Hydraulically stabilized telescopic cutter boom offers optimum cutting power
  • Spraying systems efficiently suppress dust and cool cutting tools
  • Modular design - easy maintenance and assembly/disassembly
Technical data
Cutter motor power 300 kW
Cutting height (max) 6,600 mm
Dimension (L-W-H) 19,350 x 4,560 x 4,620 mm
Ground pressure 0.25 MPa
Installed power 522 kW
Loading capacity 350 m3/h
Cutting width 5,500 - 9,100 mm
Weight 130,000 kg
Max. tram speed 18 m/min