CR320 Feeder breaker

The CR320 is the ideal choice for primary reduction of ROM coal down to a manageable grain size and smooths the flow on to the mine’s conveyor belt. Both intake and discharge ends are designed to meet customer preferred haulage means.

The attached tail piece and anchoring system allow faster belt moves and advancement of the conveyor system. The integrated spool monitoring fulfills the need in sight of operator safety and meets the highest standards of safety.

The CR320 feeder breakers are of “FLP” flame proof design according to various global regulations


  • Sturdy and rugged structural components requiring less maintenance and longer components lifetime leading to longer cycles between overhauls
  • Bolted split frame consisting of 4 frame modules enable transport via small mine shaft dimensions
  • Simple electrics and hydraulics improves meantime between failures and repair
  • Integrated spool monitoring system avoids unintended machine movements and increases the safety standard
  • SIL2 (Safety integrity level) rated emergency stops and start-up monitoring adds another high level safety feature
Technical data
Total installed power 175 kW
Machine weight 40 to
Throughput rate 1,000 mtph
Level hopper capacity 14 m3
Ground pressure 0.28 N/mm² | 2.87 kg/cm² | 280 kPa | 41 PSI

Country-specific FLP certifications by various international approval authorities are also possible.